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Microfiber Towels

Detailing, Buffing, Polishing & Cleaning

OVERVIEW          : The softest piles gives a deep down shine without swirls.
Buff coating to a brillant shine
TYPES                    : Detailing, Buffing, Polishing & Cleaning
FEATURES           : Power Absorbent, Free Swirls
Superior Cleaning Power
UItra abserbent and quick drying
Environmentally friendly
PRICE                : Contact :
+ 82-10-8000-1626 /
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Microfiber Towels


Detailing, Buffing, Polishing & Cleaning


Microfiber Detailing Towels Specs.





What are Benefits of Microfiber?


>> Superior Cleaning Power <<


- The "Wedged shaped" strands provide more effective cleaning surfaces than round strands used in other cloths.

- When used dry over a dusty surface, the magnetic force of static electricity attracts and retains loose particles.


>> Efficiency <<


- Ultrafine Microfiber leaves a clean streak-free surface.

- No stains or scratches remain on surfaces after wiping.


>> UItra abserbent and quick drying <<


- It absorbs liquid much more than conventional textiles due to the ground- breaking capillary action created by the microfibers.


>> Environmentally friendly <<


- Ultrafine Microfiber does not require the use of chemicals that are harmful to the environment


>> Power Absorbent <<


>> Scratch Free << 


>> Lint Free << 



:: Washing Instruction ::


* Machine washable
* No softner

* ​No bleach except for Chamois




What is Microfiber?


Microfiber is an ultra fine, polyester/polyamide(nylon) fiber that is alit and either woven or knitted into fabric.

Microfibers are one third the diameter of cotton fibers and one quarter the diameter of fine wool fibers.

The structural properties of microfiber fabric make it a superior cleaning and polishing materials.

The cross-section of the fiber is especially wedge shaped in triangles.

This allows you to completely remove the pollutants, dusts with only using water.

Microfiber is available in several different construction such as warp knit (terry), circular knit (terry), woven suede and woven waffle ect.

each providing different features and benefits.

The quality and performance of the fabric is performance of the fabric is determined both the type of fiber and the construction method.







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