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Snow Foam Shot

High-density neutral detergent + Titanium coating. can take the effect of coating simultaneously with cleaning.

OVERVIEW          : You can take the effect of bubble Shampoo + Coating.
With the use of high molecular polymers, sticky & abundant bubbles do not flow down for a long time and the elastic bubbles make to snow foams as if a blanket of snow covered the whole car.
It excellently cleanses and is biodegradable within 12 hours, not harm not only the human body but also the natural ecosystem.
TYPES                    : Cleanser for carbody, painted surface, glass, plastic, tire wheel, etc.
After washing, not only the cleaning effect but also the coating effects such as water repellency, gloss, slimness, antifouling and self-cleaning are improved.
APPLICATIONS  : High concentrated, 1 to 15 ~ 20 for a foam wash gun, 1 to 80 ~ 100 for a bucket use.
Specially designed for high foaming deep cleaning without damaging your car paint or coating.
FEATURES           : By adding the high lubricative function of coating agent, you can soap it easily, so it can do car wash most safely because it reduces the swirl marks and surface wear caused by the washing of ordinary wipe.
1. pH neutral detergent safe for car paint and skin.
2. High concentration with maximum dilution ratio of 1:20 makes it economical
3. Excellent slip properties do not damage existing wax or coating layer.
PRICE                : Contact :
+ 82-10-8000-1626 /
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AQuartz Snow Foam Shot


Snow Foam Bubble Shampoo for a foam spray gun and manual car wash


AQuartz Snow Foam Shot uses advanced super natural polymer to clean your car safely and cleanly,
Especially, the surface of the coated vehicle has been designed to be cleaned without surface damage.
It is a product that can be used not only for snow foam gun but also for hand shampoo using bucket.
AQuartz Snow Foam Shot, which is a mixture of coating agent and detergent,
We have improved its function with adding coating effects such as water-repellent, glossy, slim, antifouling, and self-cleaning, etc after car wash.
These effects can be applied as if they were coated on a non-coated car, and can be used as a cleaning agent for post-management
on vehicles coated directly with coatings.
it is able to experience the effect of the coated car which cannot be seen by other company's products.
It is the safest and most effective way to wash on the surface of the vehicle.
It does not irritate the skin and is biodegradable in the natural environment, so it does not get harmed.



:: AQuartz Snow Foam Shot provides the following Key benefits ::

* It is a high-end foam bubble shampoo that can produce strong washing capacity with small and rich foam like a elastic shaving foam.
* It is an environment friendly neutral detergent which is harmless to the human body and added moisturizing effect and coating effect.
* A small, elastic, perfectly formed bubbles are sprayed and they stick solidly to the surface, so do not flow down well,
so that Snow Foam Shot disgregates contaminants, so it makes it a clean car wash.
* High concentrated formula, high dilution ratio is economical in terms of capacity and price.
* It is convenient because it can be used both for a snow foam gun and a hand shampoo bucket.
* After washing, it reduces the frequent washing by showing the coating effects such as gloss, slipperiness, stainproof, water repellency, self-cleaning effects.
* It is biodegradable within 12 hours, so it does not harm environment pollution.




*Chemical Mixture : Titanium Dioxide, Naphtha Hydrotreat heavy, Orange Terpenes, etc.
* Color : White viscous liquid.
* Odor : Characteristic odor.
* pH Value :7.5~8.5 @20°C.
* Soluble in water in all proportions
* Flash Point : N/A.
* Available Container : Any plastic bottle.






1. As it is highly concentrated, dilute with water based on how you use.: The amount of the bubbles decrease according to the amount of diluted water.
2. In using a foam gun : 1 to 15 ~ 20, dilute withthe moderate amount of water depending on the state of bubbles of the preferred foam.
3. In using a bucket : 1 to 80 - 100, dilute with the moderate amount of water according to your preferred foam condition.
4. With a foam gun, spray the diluted Foam Shot on the entire vehicle evenly from top to bottom.
5. Wait for the cleaning reaction, rub it with a wash mitt or a sponge before the bubbles dry, and then rinse it with a high pressure water.




- Work in a well-ventilated area.
- Do not spray directly on food.
- Do not use it for other purposes than cleaning.
- Do not drink, avoid contact with skin for a long time.
- If swallowed, vomit immediately and consult a physician.
- In case of eye contact, wash eyes with running water for at least 15 minutes, consult an eye specialist if necessary.



::: STORAGE :::


- Do not freeze, Store in a cool, dark place, avoid direct sunlight.
- Keep out of the reach of children.
- Shelf Life : 24 months in average room temperature.







= How to use Snow Foam Shot =




::: A Safe Snow Foam Shot :::




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