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"AQUARTZ is a luxury brand name for the world's first titanium thin film coating."

We specialize in the manufacturing, supplying and export of various nano coatings based on nano metal titanium derived from R&D of nanotechnology.
Since 2005, we have started to develop a new car coating to overcome the problems of regular wax, glass and ceramic coating products, and have succeeded in developing the world’s first nano-titanium coatings.
Most of the existing waxes, glass coatings or ceramic coatings for automobiles have been disturbing consumers due to many problems such as difficult application, short durability, weak hardness, surface degeneration, watermarks and high price.
Our advanced nanotechnology has made it possible to enhance their effects and durability, the Coatings have been recognized by consumers as the best car coatings that can be complemented the disadvantages of of car waxes, glass coatings or ceramic coatings.
Our car coatings, which have been highly acclaimed by consumers, have been exported to the world's leading markets and are being replaced by our titanium coatings.

Based on accumulated nanotechnology, our researchers are doing their best to apply our nanotechnology to various products according to customer's demand.
With these efforts, our production line now offers a wide range of coatings that can be applied to a variety of materials.
- Car coatings used in surface of glass, painted, plastic and cloth & leather,
- Clear paint for the surfacd of steel, aluminum, stainless steel, paint, chrome, etc.
- Engine oil improvement agent (engine coating agent) that can increase the fuel efficiency of the vehicle, protect the engine, reduce the noise, improve the horsepower,
- Various cleaners, removers, detergents,
- Eliminating odor Coating agent for fresh air
- Golf ball coating for increased distance for golfers
Our all products do not have a bad smell and they are designed to be eco-friendly, and easy to use by anyone.
Our Nano Titanium Coatings are based on scientific facts and actual effects that have been proven in field tests, not false and exaggerated advertisement.

The nanotechnology currently used in the market is generally in the range of 100 to 50 nanometers, while the A-Quartz is using 50 nanometers to 10 nanometers.
Few companies have such know-how in the field of nanotechnology.
AQuartz offers a comprehensive range of benefits not offered by any other single product or company.
We will be a pioneer in the development of nanotechnology coatings throughout the automotive and related industries.

The products developed by our nanotechnology are doing our best to get be a trustworthy company with the slogan of health-safe, effective, environment-friendly, diversity of applications, energy saving and so on.
Welcome your inquiry on wide ranges of coating products based on nanotechnology.
We will do our best to develop and provide the highest quality products.
We hope to get a lot of support from you.
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