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  1. Q After coating, which shampoo should I use for washing? Can I use foam gun?

    You can use any kind of a shampoo, but you do not need to clean with the shampoo.
    Unless your vehicle is very dirty, just spraying water with a hose, and then clean up with a MF towel or a wool wash mitt, may be sufficient to clean your car.
    You can see how Aquartz can protect the surface from strong acid.
  2. Q Is Clean Air odor eliminator harmful to health?

    If you are referring to AQuartz Clean Air; it is not a perfume but rather a coating agent.
    Previous technology TiO2 coating products were bonded with Sulfuric Acid, which was harmful to health and stained easily.
    AQuartz Clean Air is new technology eco-friendly, water based coatings and therefore not harmful to health.
    If you are you aware of “Sick House Syndrome” which makes your eyes sting
    and have a musty smell which is harmful to health, but after coating with AQuartz Clean Air,
    the symptoms will go away.
    AQuartz Clean Air is a very popular product in use in Korea.
    A test report on AQuartz Clean Air can be found here:
  3. Q Can I use T-Cera and Titanium V2 ,V3 on plastic surface?

    You can coat AQuartz on car paint or windshield as well as plastic, glass, bathroom mirror,
    LCD monitor, and even on ceramic urinal.
    There is no problem on applying Aquartz on treated trim
    Apply a coat of Aquartz on your computer monitor.
    You will have fewer fingerprints and dust particles on the surface. The screen will remain cleaner for a longer time.
  4. Q Why do we need to coat Top Coating on top of AQuartz PPF Base coating?

    All painted surface has many micro-pores (pin-holes).
    As a newly painted surface cures, the micro-pores are created from the air trapped in the paint.
    And as time goes on, airborne chemical compounds, ferrous particles and dirt actually penetrate the paint,
    and gets stuck in the pin-holes within the paint surface.
    They create corrosive compounds that eat deep into the paint's sub-layers or paint's pin-holes.
    In order to keep the original car paint colour in perfect condition for long time,
    we have to cover the pin-hole and block UV rays with Aquartz Premium and Aquartz Titanium.

    So we have to remove all contaminants from the surface before AQuartz can be applied.
    Iron Cut or Clean Shot can be used to remove minor dirt easily.

    After thoroughly cleaning the entire painted surface,
    it must be covered up with AQuartz Premium Film before airborne chemical compound
    and the ferrous particles penetrate into the paint surface.
    But, Aquartz Premium is not sufficient enough coating to completely cover because it also has pin-holes.
    As AQuartz Premium forms the pin-holes from air pockets also,
    we require smaller nano-particles to cover the pin-hole of Aquartz Premium.

    That is why we need to use AQuartz Titanium.
    AQuartz Titanium covers the smaller pin-holes of AQuartz Premium.

    To obtain the best results,
    one layer is not sufficient to cover the pin-holes and block UV rays because it is too thin a layer.

    For thicker Aquartz Premium coating and Aquartz Titanium,
    you need to coat 2~3 layers of AQuartz Premium,
    and 1~2 layers of AQuartz Titanium coating as a final detailing step.

    The thicker Aquartz Premium and Aquartz Titanium coat will maintain your original car paint longer.
  5. Q Is PPF coating applied in the same way as the Titanium V3?

    Yes, it's the same application
  6. Q What are some of the more popular applications for Clean Air liquid?

    Unpleasant smell area; Hat, Socks, shoes, clothes, furniture and carpets, curtains, etc
  7. Q What is the difference between CarPro Reload and AQuartz Reload Premium?

    Carpro Reload is made in Japan, and AQuartz Reload is Korea, we manufacture AQuartz Reload.
    If you want to buy Carpro Reload, you had better to do from Sensya-No-Oukoku Co., Ltd. Tel +0463-94-5106 Fax +0463-94-5108,
    It called "Fine Cristal" car cleaner.
    If you want to buy it from them directly, you should do it cheaply.

    AQuartz Reload is water based, Carpro Reload is based alcohol.
    AQuartz Reload is white colour, Carpro Reload is green.
    AQuartz Reload is Titanium formula, Carpro Reload is oil.

    Because Carpro Reload is not our product, we do not know about it well.
    But AQuartz Reload is better known to be more long duration and self-cleaning effect by Titanium formula.

    Thank you!
  8. Q What is the differencce between your product and CeramicPRO 9h?

    There's a big ingredient difference between the two.
    AQuartz is water based with 50 nono-meter metal titanium.
    After coating on the surface of a coin or plastics, AQuartz is not
    able to come off the layer, but CeramicPRO is taken off it easily.
    The power of adhesion, it is very important to long lasting.
    Please check the truth with direct test, and ask CeramicPRO to show
    you the abrasion certificate, not hardness certificate.
    And we do not trust SGS certificate.
  9. Q Do I have to apply Base PPF Coating first before Top Coating?

    Although it's not required, it's the best way to protect your car paint for a long term.

    PPF is a base layer for protect car paint from the outside damages
    like a film cover, and Titanium, T-Cera and Reload are a top layer for the
    effect of gloss, water-repellent, etc.
  10. Q The Curing Time of Base Coat or Top Coat

    Regarding the curing time.
    - The basis of working temperature : 5~40 degrees Celsius (25℃ ).
    - The higher temperature and lower humidity make a shorter curing time.
    - The more it cures better protecting and water repellent it shows.
    - For short curing time(30 min~1 h), If you use a heat gun or sun-lights, you can save the curing time in 5 min ~10 min to coat 2 layers AQ on the first layer.
    - Completely cure with NO rain takes 24h.

    - After PPF applying, the interval of top coating is about 1 hour if you do not use a heat gun.
    - If you use a heat gun, after 20 min, you can apply top coating on the PPF layer.
    - Dry the layer of top coating like drying your hair.
  11. Q How to get the best hardness layer of coating

    In order to get a best protection,
    1. The surface needs 2~3 layers of the base coating or top coating first, and you try to apply top coating of 1~2 times at intervals of about three or four days.
    2. Before you try to apply, you must remove all surface contaminants and wash and rinse off all the residue of cleaners thoroughly. The residue of cleaners make the hardness week.
    3. After coating, you need to take plenty of time to dry the layer off completely for the sun and the air or with a heat gun or a hair drier, etc..
  12. Q Do you recommend any of those products to be applied under the car for anti corrosion?

    We do not want to do, our products are for car paint and glass on
  13. Q Can T-Cera be applied more than once in a short period, for example every week?

    It's very good maintenance to get the best thickness, durability and hardness
  14. Q Why are watermark or hazy patches problem are risen?

    PPF and T-Cera have very easy to applications.
    Because the layer of PPF and T-Cera is for a film layer form after they dried, it does not produce kinds of hazy patches or watermark problem.
    If they does, how can we coat them on glass(windshields)? They make acrystal clear film layer.
    You might encounter these problems if you did not remove a kind of wax, silicone, oil, polymer, teflon, all the residue of cleaners thoroughly, before you apply AQuartz PPF, when you wash your car, or did not finis wipping job off with new microfiber towel.
    A kind of a wax, Cqutarz, Silicone products, etc, they are easy to produce these problems when contact calcium water because of chemical reaction.
    After the layer cured completely, it is difficult to remove it without mechanical wear . But You can remove it with Aquartz+ Plus, or 1500gr compound or Super Cut.
    You can remove the layer of PPF with Super Cut.
    For absolute beginners, we recommend you to use T-Cera.
  15. Q What are the benefits of coating on the vehicle?

    코팅시공을 하는 이유를 예를들어 설명한다면 우리가 고급 테이블이나 책상을 구입했을때 그 테이블 위에 유리판이나 보호필름을 씌우는 거와 같은 원리입니다.

    유리판을 올려 놓은 책상은 유리판이 책상위의 표면을 보호해 주기 때문에 기스나 스크레치를 방어하여 책상표면은 오랬동안 새책상처럼 고급스럽게 보이게 사용할 수 있으며 오염물이 묻었을 경우 쉽게 청소할 수 있습니다.

    이와 같은 이유로 자동차에 보호필름이나 유리를 씌운다면 그 자동차의 표면은 스크레치로 부터 방어되어 오랬동안 고급스럽게 광택을 유지할 수 있으며, 세차도 쉽고 간단하게 할 수 있을 것입니다.

    언제? 코팅시공을 해야 한다고 묻는다면,

    만약 오래된 가구의 표면 상태가 양호하지 않다면 그 표면을 새것처럼 깨끗이 보수해서 유리판을 올려야 할 것입니다. 만약 그냥 그 위에 올려 놓으면 유리판밑 불량한 상태가 계속해서 보이게 되므로 별 의미가 없을 것입니다.

    이러한 표면 보수작업를 페인트 작업, 광택작업이라 하며, 광택작업은 스크레치와 오염물을 제거하여 광을 내는 작업입니다.

    이러한 광택작업은 비용도 많이 들고 어려운 작업이므로 신차 때 즉 자동차를 구매했을때 즉시 혹은 3개월 내에 코팅시공을 하는게 가장 좋은 결과를 가져 올 수 있습니다.
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