TheGa - Engine Performance Enhancer

Can be improved car engine performance and saved fuels with the most advanced engine protector "TheGa."

OVERVIEW          : Processed the most advanced new material CNT into nano Tech., maximized regular lubrication functions. If you doubt the efficiency of any oil additive or not to be deceived by false advertising, please direct check whether it is real or not with the TRIP gauge. Its indication will inform you how much a fuel efficiency has been improved before & after use.
After use, you can see fuel consumption has clearly saved at least 13% more than before.
TYPES                    : Mix it with new or existing engine oil, or put it in the oil inlet of vehicle or gears.
Liquid type mixed nanoparticles (Titanium, Platinum, Carbon NanoTube) with engine oil.
APPLICATIONS  : Engine oil additives, Can be used for all gasoline, LPG, diesel and electronic vehicles.
Also used for various machines to reduce friction, such as gears, steering wheels, transmission, etc.
FEATURES           : Restore heavy cylinder scratches
Improve cylinder pressure significantly
Reduce CO/HC emission.
Improve the symptoms of blue smoke
With the greatest lubricating mechanism, it makes your car possible to improve horsepower, reduce fuel consumption & engine noise, extend oil change intervals & engine life and restore worn engine.
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+ 82-10-8000-1626 /
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"THEGA" Engine Performance Enhancer


AQuartz Nano Titanium Technology for Car Engine


We offer a wide range of products based on Titanium materials with nanotechnology.
THEGA is the world's leading luxury product is applied to reduce friction and wear lands from moving parts such as engines or gears
with our leading-edge Titanium and CNT nanotechnology.
It is the most effective oil additive to repair and recover at lowest cost in case of high repair cost due to high fuel cost,
engine wear, horsepower loss, noise, vibration and performance degradation.
It protects the engine from destructive elements that degrade engine performance such as excessive friction, extreme pressure,
heat, cold, corrosion, dust, carbon deposits and dry start, etc.
By preventing and reducing these factors, it can make fuel expenses to save more than 15% and horsepower to increase more than 10%.
50 nanometer Titanium and CNT compounds have an outstanding ability to withstand engine loads and reduce friction,
and also have the ability to clean engine oil by itself.
With complete sealing the gap between the cylinder and the piston of the combustion chamber, it stops a gas leak during compression,
and prevents the inflow of oil into the combustion chamber, resulting in perfect combustion.
Besides, it reduces the soot of an exhaust gas by strong combustion catalysis of nano platinum.
Therefore, it is an economic product because it does not need to change engine oil up to 100,000kms by the self-cleaning.





The engine of an automobile was developed to deliver power to rotate a wheels.
It is almost impossible to deliver 100% energy to the wheel rotation without loss of energy input
because there are many causes and factors that interfere with energy delivery.
These energy interruption factors deteriorate the fuel economy of the vehicle.

What are the causes and factors of energy loss?

Simply put, there are friction, noise, the engine pressure leakages, and a bad thermal conduction , and old oil sludges, etc.
Although engine oil is used to reduce these factors, good engine oil is very expensive,
and it can not cure damaged engine wall by friction, and its expected effects are not satisfactory.
THEGA is designed to solve them to maximize an energy efficiency and to cure damaged engine wall by friction.


Let's check how THEGA solves these bad factors.


1. How can THEGA reduces an engine friction?


- With the nano size of the carbon nanotube (CNT) by cutting-edge technology,
it maximizes the lubrication function with the chemical stability.
- This super lubrication function of CNT reduces friction and abrasion between an engine wall and piston rings.
- By reducing the friction, consequentially it reduces engine noise and frictional heat generation, resulting in improved fuel economy,
and in lower overall maintenance costs and longer engine life.
- Overload due to friction, noise, vibration, etc. are solved to maintain the best performance efficiency.
- Rapidly self-repair cylinder abrasion, re-seal the cylinders heads with metal titanium.
- With more surface area (20m2/g), there is increased metallic binding titanium force.


2. How can THEGA reduce an engine pressure leakage?


- THEGA makes rapid the wear parts of the cylinder wall metallizing and repairing.
- By forming the coating film of THEGA on the metal surface of the engine,
it prevents the cylinder wall and the piston from pressure leaking, and increases engine output (horsepower), engine performance
and wear resistance and it makes complete combustion.


3. How can THEGA solve the bad thermal conduction?


- One of the important functions of the engine oil is the cooling function inside the cylinder and piston,
- Nanoparticles of THEGA make to reduce the internal heat of the engine with excellent thermal conductivity and excellent cooling power.
- Tthere is no restriction on temperature and humidity inside engine.


4. How can THEGA solve the old oil sludges?


- It contains special anti-corrosion and cleaning agents that can effectively remove sludges and carbon deposits to reduce fuel consumption.
- It has the ability to clean engine oil by itself with Self Cleaning Effect, so you do not need to change engine oil up to 100,000km.
- It can also prevent acid erosion of the engine by its unique acid inhibitor.
- It does not increase the viscosity of the existing engine oil, maintains dispersed state at all times without settling.
- Combustion catalyst activity of the nano-platinum and titanium reduces exhaust emissions through complete combustion.





1. Contains unique active 10~50 nano size level metallic compounds.

- THEGA is a secure oil additive that does not affect the its own engine oil without interfering a oil filter.
- 10 ~ 50 nm THEGA particles can pass through the oil filter without deteriorating engine performance with adhering gunk & fouling to the filter.
※ Comparison : USA MOTOR UP: 3nm, Microlon : 5 nm
- Maximum effect with minimum addition : Only 100ml THEGA per 4 liters engine oil is sufficient to work. (2 ~ 3% of the volume of an engine oil)
※ Comparison : USA MOTOR UP, Microlon : 240ml per 4 liters engine oil.


2. The layer of the cylinder wall coated metallic compounds does not get coagulated or oxidized.

- When the engine is running, the temperature inside the cylinder is about 400 degrees.
Because most of regular chemical oil additives that made of graphite, Teflon, molybdenum compounds
and hydrocarbons can not withstand such high temperatures, and they are oxidized or solidified or evaporated thus their effects is very short.
But because the metallic compounds of THEGA are not oxidized or solidified, their effects be able to maintained for a long time.
- The surface area of 1 gram of metal nano powder is 20m2 / g, which is very large and the surface reaction force is good,
so that the wear part of the engine and the strong metal bonding are performed quickly.
- Most engine wear occurs during dry start (without initial start-up and warm-up), but THEGA metal nanoparticles and special lubricating membranes
provide excellent lubrication and reduce engine wear.
- You do not need to change engine oil up to 100,000 km, and if you have changed the engine oil, you should add a new THEGA into.
- It reduces engine vibration and noise.
- Increase engine output (horsepower): increase 3 ~ 12 horsepower depending on the decrepitude of the vehicle.
- Reduce average fuel consumption by at least 10%, and up to 35% depending on the decrepitude of the vehicle.
- Reduce particulate soot emissions : at least 10% ~ up to 80% depending on the decrepitude of the vehicle.
- Remove existing oil sludge inside the engine
- Outstanding low temperature startability in winter (excellent starting performance at minus 25 ° C)
- Helps to extend the life of engine oil by preventing oxidation of existing engine oil.
- Unlike conventional chemical additives, it is a mixture with 100% synthetic oil, so there are no side effects (Meritz's 1 billion damages insurance).



:: How to check the effects of an engine additive after use ::


Try to check your car's trip gauge, you can see that the engine additive is actually working.
After use any engine additive, if increased fuel-efficiency is less than 5% or there is no difference,
you were deceived by false and exaggerated advertisement



= View the result of the Trip Display before and after use =


- In the past, almost consumers had no choice but to trust only the wrong certificate without verification because they had no Trip gauge for measuring fuel consumption.
- Nowadays, due to science development, tripgauge was born, so it needs to be used to measure the fuel efficiency of your own car.
- But, most companies do not say that you can see the result of their oil additive used if you confirm your TRIP gauge.
The reason is the actual result of their fuel consumption is poor or insignificant though they have certificates.
- However,we proud to say that you confirm the actual fuel economy improvement results with your own Trip Computer after THEGA used.
- Do not need to trust the test report no more and try to compare with their certificates using your Trip Computer Gauge, and the result will only be known.
- The easiest, reliable, and scientific way to check for fuel economy improvements with your trip gauge is to review it yourself.



= Fuel Consumption Comparison =


After driving more 400 kms, confirm the trip gauges and then you will realize the average mileages have been better increasing.


- Result : Significant fuel reduction, saving ratio up to 15%


engine_before.jpg     engine_after.jpg



engine_before1.jpg    engine_after1.jpg


- Result : Significant fuel reduction, saving ratio up to 15%




* Chemical Mixture : Synthetic Oil dispersion, Hydrogenated and Others, Ethyleneglycol Monobuthylether, Ti, Pt, etc.
* Color : Brown Transparent with white sediments.
* Odor : Engine Oil Odor.
* Available Container : Any plastic bottle.
* Viscosity: 12.18 cSt @ 100℃
* Flash Point : ≥220 °C (Open Cup)
* Auto-Ignition : ≥250 °C (Open Cup)






- Carbon Nanotube, CNT -


The 21st century new material, chosen as the top ten in technology of the future :
It has excellent heat and electric conductivity, mechanical strength, chemical stability and lubrication.


engine_pic4.jpg  engine_pic5.jpg



- Nano Platinum, Nano Titanium -


Excellent catalytic properties, High reactivity, Uniform size control technology, Excellent dispersibility.





==: Comparison of ingredients with other products :==


Brand Name

Added Compounds

Types of Fuel


Nano Doctor

Metal (Copper, Nickel Alloy) Nano powder

Gasoline / LPG / Diesel

Nano Tec Co., Ltd.

Motor Up Engine Treatment

Ultrafine polymeric materials,

Metals in the form of 3-5 micron Resin

Gasoline / LPG / Diesel

Motor Up Micron


Synthetic hydrocarbons and mineral compounds

Gasoline / LPG / Diesel 

Hankook Tire Co., Ltd, DaeLim Co.

CERAMIC Engine Protection

Organic molybdenum compound

Gasoline / LPG / Diesel 

WURTH Germany


Synthetic oil-soluble oil additive

 Gasoline / LPG / Diesel


THEGA Engine Enhancer 

Carbon Nanotubes (CNT), Titanium (Ti),
Nano-Platinum (Nano Pt) Dispersions

Gasoline / LPG / Diesel








※ Can be used for all gasoline, LPG, diesel and electronic vehicles. Also used for various machines to reduce friction, such as gears, wheels, etc.

※ Can be mixed with any type of engine oil.
1. Shake well until the white particles that have settled under the bottle disappears.
2. Open the cap of the engine oil inlet, then pour it through the inlet.
3. Let the bottle upside down on the engine oil inlet and wait until it is completely empty.
4. After the whole liquid is poured, close the oil inlet cap.
5. Once you add it, the effects last over 100,000 kms, after the 100,000 kms, re-add it with engine oil change.
6. If engine oil shortage occurs, fill the shortage amount with THEGA, you can feel superior effects.
※ When your steering wheel is too stiff or heavy, add small amount and then you feel it light.
※ You can also use it for automatic transmission for its smoothing works.


engine_pic2.jpg   engine_pic1.jpg   engine_pic3.jpg





1. Minimum required amount : 2.5~3% of an engine oil volume : ex) one 100ml bottle for 4 liters engine oil.
2. If you inject more than the minimum required amount, you can get better results.
3. When the contents are not well mixed in the cold winter, put them in a warm place and mix them.
4. Until the white precipitate disappears from the bottom of the bottle, shake and mix it before use THEGA.
5. After driving at 100,000 Kms or an engine oil change, you should add TheGa in order to keep the effects again.



::: STORAGE :::

- Avoid direct sunlight and sore in a cool dry palce.
- Keep it away from flammable substances
- Shelf Life: 24 months at room temperature










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제품하자가 아닌 소비자의 단순변심, 착오구매에 따른 청약철회가 불가능한 경우 그 구체적 사유와 근거 배송ㆍ교환ㆍ반품 상세설명페이지 참고
재화등의 교환ㆍ반품ㆍ보증 조건 및 품질보증 기준 소비자분쟁해결기준(공정거래위원회 고시) 및 관계법령에 따릅니다.
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소비자피해보상의 처리, 재화등에 대한 불만처리 및 소비자와 사업자 사이의 분쟁처리에 관한 사항 소비자분쟁해결기준(공정거래위원회 고시) 및 관계법령에 따릅니다.
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단순변심 고객 부담이며, 최초 배송비를 포함해 왕복 배송비가 발생합니다. 또한, 도서/산간지역이거나 설치 상품을 반품하는 경우에는 배송비가 추가될 수 있습니다.
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계좌이체 실시간 계좌이체 또는 무통장입금
취소완료 후, 입력하신 환불계좌로 1~2일 내 환불금액 입금(영업일 기준)
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당일취소 : 휴대폰 결제 승인취소
익월취소 : 계좌입금
포인트 취소 완료 후, 당일 포인트 적립 환불 포인트 적립
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  • 뷰티 상품 이용 시 트러블(알러지, 붉은 반점, 가려움, 따가움)이 발생하는 경우 진료 확인서 및 소견서 등을 증빙하면 환불이 가능하지만 이 경우, 제반 비용은 고객님께서 부담하셔야 합니다.
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가전/설치상품 전자제품 특성 상, 정품 스티커가 제거되었거나 설치 또는 사용 이후에 단순변심인 경우, 액정화면이 부착된 상품의 전원을 켠 경우 (상품불량으로 인한 교환/반품은 AS센터의 불량 판정을 받아야 합니다.)
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